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Simon his glass house.

History of the group.
Group was founded in 2542 by the original 10 family members (currently 80 households) from the support center industry is your shortcut pottery Dhaka term as its chair. To produce pottery with ancient methods of making and forging. Including a light fires burning. This is a unique legend that tells the history of development and various And is supported by the Office of Community Development and Commercial Lampang him. Project One Sub. One product. Including the adoption of the product to perform in the work of various government agencies. Currently, there are a total of 80 group members, each house has caused the average revenue generated from each 3000 baht per month and has 80 affiliated housing, employment, the people in all areas.

A community group.
Simon his group home Pottery glass
Marital status groups. Economics Group.
Registered registered since 2542.
Address No. 251, Soi 3 Tambon Khao Kaeo Ban Mon Pichai Muang Lampang 52000 Tel 054 -334 547.
Location Production No. 251 Soi 3 Tambon Khao Kaeo Ban Mon Pichai Muang Lampang 52000 Tel 054 -334 547.
Group by product type. Division of pottery.
Products sold during the past year Vase Lotus Flower Pot Ang Mo Kaeng casserole chicken beef pot roast with charcoal stove doll form animal reservoir for decorating kit waterfall kit fish

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